Our Animals

The New Girls on the block

Whisky and Olivia arrived recently and are just beautiful. They are such peaceful creatures you can look at them all day. Both are due to have babies in December, so can’t wait for that.


Our Chickens

Our chickens are producing around 3-4 eggs a day. These are available for collecting and consumption for all our guests. Our Grandchildren named them “April” “May” “June” and “July”



Casper our friendly Shetland is looking forward to some special attention when you visit



Goosie has been at Tranquil Vistas forever, so deserves his place in the photo gallery. We have just trained him to come for dinner near the Homestead so now guests can feed him.


The Cows

Our 5 Angas went off to market and now we are raising 12 cows with 9 calves at foot

Pictures soon